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Take Your Practice to the Next Level

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Put the Pieces Together

Premium healthcare products can:

  • Improve how a patient manages pain
  • Enhance their ability to perform “homework”
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Improve quality of life

With the Solution Wellness® programs you can offer the ideal rehabilitative tools to every patient, every time.

The Solution Wellness® programs offer you access to 100’s of premium healthcare products. You always have every size, colour and design in stock.

Products are competitively priced. As new products become available, they are instantly added to your selection.

Being able to provide patients direct access to exactly the products they need, improves their satisfaction and their compliance.

Patients can decide to purchase in clinic or later via an email check out. They no longer need to hunt down products elsewhere or wait for future visits to receive their goods.

Products are shipped and billed diretly to your patients, there is no need for staff to order inventory or invoice patients.

There is also no need to devote large portions of your clinic space to inventory storage.