How do I get started?

When you sign up for the program, we will assign you a login and password for your exclusive recommendation Engine within 2 business days. We suggest you watch all of the online tutorial videos to orient yourself to the program. Then simply start! The program is easy to navigate. We recommend you start by building your preferred product listings in the "Custom Recommendations" section.

For product details, we provide you a link to the Patient Express® online store. This site gives you in-depth information about each product and allows you to quickly search the entire product offering.

Videos are available online for your reference 24/7. Additionally, we have a help desk operating during regular business hours, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM eastern time.

All product pricing is at fair market value. Patients are clearly informed before check out and have agreed that they understand that you will be receiving a portion of the funds. If your governing body allows you to retail within your clinic, they should have no issues with your virtual recommendations.

The Patient Express® program does not need to replace your current retail sales. In fact, we recommend keeping your best sellers in stock. Instead, use the program for items you need less frequently, have too many sizes designs to properly stock, that would consume too much space within your practice or that you would like to sell but currently don't. This program is designed to augment your current offerings and allows you to offer each patient their ideal product solution, regardless of what you have in stock.

If you do not feel Patient Express® is improving your business efficiency or patient outcomes, then you may cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Yes. We can upgrade your account at anytime. We will require additional information and there will be a set up process to personalize your custom eStore but we can convert your existing account to the full version with all of the added features and benefits.

How do I recommend products to my patient?

When you first get started with Patient Express® we highly recommend you identify products for each condition you commonly treat. During a patient visit, these products will automatically populate when that condition is called up, making individual patient recommendations much faster. These product recommendations can be adjusted for a specific patient or you can create new ones at any time.

Prior to or during the patient's first visit, enter the patient’s basic contact information into the recommendation module. This takes literally seconds to complete.

The patient can be presented with your recommendations at any time during their visit and can purchase them at the front desk before leaving the clinic.

Patients can request to have recommendations emailed, allowing them to make a purchase decision later on. If patients don't purchase right away, a series of email reminders are sent to them automatically.

Patient Express® offers hundreds of quality healthcare products, with a wide range of modalities, types, price ranges and brands. The selection is comprehensive enough that you can be confident that you can always offer the ideal rehabilitative tools to every patient, every time.

If you have recommended consumable items such as pain creams or vitamins, patients may want to re-order without visiting. You can simply create a new order recommendation and email it to them.

Our platform is always accessible through the internet. Your recommendation engine can be used on any computer or tablet simply by logging into your account.

How do I get paid?

Every month, Solution Wellness® will send a cheque to the name you have identified during the sign up process.

With our current vendors and products, you will earn 18% on every sale, excluding values for shipping or taxes. As new vendors and products are added, this percentage may vary for those new product offerings.

You do not need a merchant account. The merchant account is setup and managed by Solution Wellness® at no cost to you.

No, Solution Wellness® handles all sales tax collection, reporting and payments.

Inside your recommendation engine you can see which of your patients have purchased and which orders are still pending. You are paid 18% of the order total excluding the taxes and shipping amounts.

Shipping & Returns

All of our products are shipped with Canada Post Expedited Parcel from our Toronto distribution center. All in-stock products will be shipped within one business day and most customers in major cities will receive their order 3-5 business days after it is shipped.

If the product is damaged upon arrival it is the patient's responsibility to inform Solution Wellness® within 24 hours upon delivery about damages to the carton or product during shipping. Damage due to shipping will be handled and paid for by Solution Wellness®. Please inform your patient to email us at customercare@solutionwellness.ca.

If a patient wants to return a product for reasons other than damage (ie sizing, features) they should contact your clinic. This allows you to discuss the product replacement options and quickly make a new recommendation. You can then contact Solution Wellness® directly to initiate the return of the original product.

Please send an email request to customercare@solutionwellness.ca.